Go fu*k yourself Russian warship

Go fu*k yourself Russian warship

The appearance of “The Sewing Brother’s” brand was held on the 4th of March in 2016 and based on two brothers. However, as history and time show, fraternal peoples are not always about peace but more often about change.

Exactly this change has happened to “The Sewing Brother’s”. The name remained the same. And over time in “the Sewing Brother’s” a sister has appeared giving life again.

Two co-owners of the business are the main mechanism of the brand’s functioning where everything is done with their own hands.

Ivan is responsible for the manufacture. For more than 21 years he has been carrying out tailoring combining five specialists from making the sewing pattern to completion of the last stitch on the ready-made garments. He has an extensive work experience with both Ukrainian and foreign productions and advertising agencies. He has also carried out the costumes’ sewing of different types of complexity for movies, commercial videos, and celebrities.

Tatiana is about everything to do with “The Sewing Brother’s”. That is exactly how we can describe the second co-owner as she deals with all issues including manufacturing. She has a marketing experience in major international and Ukrainian companies in different business industries.

“The Sewing Brother’s” is an individual approach and handmade products.  There are no factories, only own production with the best Ukrainian tailors. This is the main concept to reach better quality of our product and its value for our customers.

Our customer is a personality who appreciates the individuality of self-expression and comfortable feeling to wear. Our customers are not only Ukrainians but also European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Asia. It is very important to us and we are so thankful.


The War

We had the conversation about war not on the 24th of February in 2022. We had this conversation in October of 2021. One of the co-owners Tatiana has monitored macro and micro markets all the time which is one of her tasks on an ongoing basis. Sitting in the fresh air at the cozy restaurant in the city center of Kyiv, the terrible conversation that surged through the body was touched upon – the War!

According to her prediction, the war had to be imminent and in the near future. We refused to believe it, although deep down we understood that she was most likely right … She said that we had to decide what we would do since we didn’t have much time for this: or we transport business from Ukraine and leave ourselves, or stay and be until the end. The decision was made instantly and unanimously – we stay and that’s it!  We will defend our country and help in any possible way we can to the end!

Already then, in October, we understood that our business was going to change and instead of beautiful dresses and suits we would sew military ones.  Also, realizing the financial disaster, we made a decision not to create winter and spring collections but launch only a couple of new pieces of clothing in order to save money.

Did we buy fabric and accessories in advance? No! We did not know what supplies our military would have in short and proceeded from the fact that we would respond locally.  Was it a mistake?  Perhaps, since at that moment, it was unrealistic to get military fabrics and they were very expensive.  But, on the other hand, we could spend money on materials that we would not need and we would not have enough money for those materials that were needed.

On February 24 at the beginning of 5 o’clock in the morning the whole world woke up in a new reality, a terrible day had come.  No, we didn’t start working from the first day, we are ordinary people who were shocked by what was happening because there are no words that can help you to be ready for such a reality and the ability to quickly pull yourself together by removing panic and fear from what is happening.

Anyway, for the first time, we would not have had the opportunity to return to work based on what was happening in Kyiv – it was like the beginning of the apocalypse: the sky was roaring, explosions were all around, shootouts from the machine guns, a tank that ran over a civilian car with a grandfather inside, traffic accidents, traffic jams, chaos, panic, people with suitcases, screams, tears, explosions again, air raid alerts.

After a couple of days, we began to try to pull ourselves together. We didn’t even eat these days not because there was no food but because of the shock of what was happening that didn’t cause the need for food, but on the contrary … we slept for a couple of hours a day, it was impossible to sleep…

We began to find out what supplies were in short (it was very easy to find out – everyone and everywhere was shouting about it, our military had nothing) and began to think about how we could be useful.  We never sewed military clothes and we didn’t have patterns – this was a problem, the second problem was that there were no necessary military fabrics, nowhere…

Working with different orders with different types of complexity for different projects, we already had an experience when faced with unrealistic tasks that, moreover, still need to be completed quickly and efficiently. This experience helped us to brainstorm quickly and think about how we can get out of the situation and what solutions can be found.  The next day, we had already developed the first samples of military ammunition which we gave to test to our friends who went to defend Ukraine …

The Christian and Javelin’s collaboration of special tracksuits is a symbol of the struggle for freedom and human rights as well as the civilized world and democracy which we defend with the cost of our lives, our Ukrainian people. The history is being written right now in which “The Sewing Brother’s” Saint Javelin tracksuits will be a historical symbol of independence and fortitude of the invincible people of Ukraine!